The Loveland Housing Authority “Mission” is to “provide home and community through housing”.  That is why the Development Services Division plays such a large role in the activities of the Loveland Housing Authority.  The need for affordable housing is growing and the Housing Authority is constantly trying to match that growth by introducing more housing opportunities.  In some cases, the purchase of an existing property with the potential to rehab is the perfect solution.  Other times, purchasing raw land and building new construction is more cost effective.  For the past 15 years, the Housing Authority has aggressively pursued increasing its affordable housing stock.  Today no less than three (3) major projects are in construction and one additional project is being designed for 2014.

The Mirasol Senior Community, an aged restricted community, has 153 apartments and pair homes filled with active seniors and there are an additional 8 paired homes under construction.  When completed,  the Mirasol Senior Campus will contain 109 units of independent apartment living, 31 paired homes that can be rented, 24 single and paired homes that can be purchased, and a 60 unit “Greenhouse” Skilled Nursing home.   Before the end of 2013 all of the rental homes, the independent apartments, and all but 3 of the for sale homes will have been constructed and occupied.  With the “Greenhouses” construction scheduled to begin in November 2013, the last piece of this unique affordable senior community will be completed and 224 senior citizens will enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, affordable, and safe community.

The Housing Authority has teamed up with Artspace, Inc, Minneapolis, MN to create in downtown Loveland a unique 30 unit rental project for the use of local aspiring artists.  As a center for the artistic community, Loveland is home to a very large and unique population of individuals who are just beginning their careers in art.  These individuals need affordable housing and Artspace provides a very unique design environment to encourage, foster, and grow individuals who wish to purse the “world of art” as a career path.  Scheduled for ground breaking in December 2013, the facility will contain studio, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom units as well as a connection to a larger auditorium where artists can display and sell their work.  Each residential unit is designed to allow the artist to “live and work” within their residence thereby creating an affordable space for living, but a unique and inexpensive environment for creating masterpieces.

The Housing Authority’s commitment to affordable housing extends to small rural communities located within the City of Loveland’s trade area.  Communities who understand their commercial business success is directly linked to providing affordable housing often need assistance navigating the maze of government financing and public/private partnerships.  Loveland Housing Authority has assisted two rural communities tackle this challenge and is currently working with the Windsor Housing Authority constructing Windsor Meadows Apartments a 44 unit “work force” housing project in Windsor, Colorado.  Occupancy is projected for January 2014 and will be able to provide housing to individuals and families who work in the retail and businesses of Windsor.  For young families beginning their careers, living close to their work is a tremendous financial advantage.   Conversely, employers in small rural communities find it much easier to recruit and retain employees who live and work in the same community.

The Housing Authority continues to evaluate the need for additional affordable housing.  Currently the Housing Authority is working to create a new 60 unit family housing project  with an additional 10 units designated for housing homeless veterans.  Projected to start construction in the fall of 2014, this project entitled “The Edge” will provide “cutting edge” home and community services to America’s veterans who have earned the opportunity to live in safe, affordable, and modern housing.  The 60 units of family housing will offer young families an opportunity to enjoy an affordable vibrant lifestyle close to businesses, retail shops, schools, and public transportation.

The Development Services Division of the Loveland Housing Authority is committed to providing new opportunities to make affordable housing an option for individuals and families.  Whether through the purchase of an existing property, the creation of a new community, or by providing assistance to individuals who already own a home, the Division believes everyone should have an opportunity to live in a safe, comfortable, and affordable environment.