About Us

The need for a local housing authority was documented and promoted by the Loveland League of Women Voters who brought a petition forward to the Loveland City Council in August of 1971. In that same year, the Loveland Housing Authority was organized as a not-for profit corporation.

The charter members of the organization as recorded in the Articles of Incorporation are: John Beach, Herman Hovde, Betty Garcia, Jim Lybarger, and Glenn Rye. The First Christian Church donated a large parcel of land around Silver Lake to provide a location for initial development. The Housing Authority created Loveland Housing Development Corporation (LHDC) (a 501-C-3 non-profit corporation) in 1972 to be the ownership entity of its first development – Maple Terrace.

Maple Terrace was completed in 1974 and Silver Leaf I was completed in 1976. Silver Leaf II was completed in 1978, especially to provide housing for displaced Big Thompson Flood victims.

In 1981 Sam Betters was appointed to the position of Executive Director. Today the Loveland Housing Authority is governed by a five member board appointed by the Loveland City Council.

By 1985 HUD had sharply cut back on the Low Rent Public Housing Program and totally eliminated the FHA-Section 236 – the programs under which Silver Leaf I and Maple Terrace respectively were developed. The Section 8 Certificate (Voucher) Program became the primary tool to provide housing assistance to the very low income.

The Housing Authority staff is happy to join your club, event or organization by providing a presentation of our programs and services.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss equal housing opportunities, accessibility and adaptable units, our TDD information and more!  Simply call 970-667-3232 to schedule a speaker.