Applicant FAQ’s

Do I have to submit an application in person at the Housing Authority?

NO. The application can be mailed, OR  you may fill out one electronically on this website.

Note: At the end of the electronic application, you will only receive a confirmation number, not the completed application.   If you have completed an electronic application once online before, you will have to call or stop by the Loveland Housing Authority and request an Update paper application to make changes.   Always keep income and address current.

How long will I have to wait to be housed?

Currently, our waiting lists are in the timeframe of 6-9 months to 1 Yr +.  The demand for subsidized housing far exceeds the funds available so there can be a lengthy wait to get into a program. Your time on the waiting list will vary depending on the program you have applied for, the size of the unit that you need, your date of application, and any preferences you may qualify for.

What happens when I come to the top of the waiting list? You will be contacted by mail and will have approximately 10 days to respond. The Housing Coordinator for the property will instruct you on the next steps in this process.

IMPORTANT – In order not to miss an opportunity when you come to the top of the waiting list, you should always keep us informed of any change of address or family status by updating your application.

What number am I on the waiting list?

We are unable to give out a specific number and/or ranking on the waiting list due to discrimination policies.  We are only able to speculate/estimate a timeframe based upon your original application date.

If I have mailed in an application – how do I know you received it?

We do NOT routinely do a confirmation ‘receipt of application’ due to such a high volume. If the application is fully completed it will be processed in our data system according to the date & time it was received; followed by waiting list placement of which you will be notified when your name nears the top of the list—followed by a mailing of a 1st class letter. Pending the number of people on the waiting list and the vacancy rollover rate—it becomes difficult to predict.

Do you provide “emergency housing”?

NO. We cannot accommodate an immediate “crisis” need, which is what necessitates the waiting list process. We do not having unoccupied units available nor reserved to fulfill an “urgent” need.  Instead, reference is made to utilizing other resources via additional agencies, materials, etc. is suggested & encouraged to provide other direction.

If I am pregnant—does that mean I can receive housing earlier?

NO.  It does establish a “family preference”, which is served before single, independent; non-elderly; non-disabled—but does NOT force movement nor place someone at the top on any list.  (It is still cycled by time & date & preference).

Why am I taking longer to come up on the wait list…(since I live out-of-town)?

We elect to have a local/Loveland preference in place which serves applicants within the boundaries of Loveland first by either living here and/or working in the city limits of Loveland.  Thus, our funding $ are awarded to serve our community; just as other neighboring housing authorities focus on serving their locale.

On what basis is my application reviewed to determine bedroom size & complex?

Primarily on family size, circumstance, and need is what determines bedroom size and which programs to which an applicant is assigned.  We wish to provide as many opportunities as possible – but will list a person accordingly —to best accommodate any existing needs (ie, unit without stairs; wheelchair accessibility; extra bedroom for medical equipment; etc.)

Can I call to change my address on the application?

NO. Any & ALL changes to the original application must be done in writing (preferably in person at the Housing Authority-OR via mail request, if necessary) as an ‘UPDATE’ application.  Changes are not made over the phone because of  confidentiality and/or verbal discrepancies

Who is eligible to apply for low-income housing?

Anyone who has a need for affordable housing is welcome to submit an application. There is no qualifying eligibility criteria to get on the waiting lists.

-However, you (or a member of your household) must be 18 yr. to enter into a lease agreement.

-Also, there are higher income requirements in place to meet the eligibility for our tax credit properties.

Can I make application inquiry regarding status of about somebody else?

NO. Rightfully, with confidentiality policy and the Privacy Act—we cannot divulge any information about the status of anyone else.

*(Only exceptions are: being assigned Power of Attorney-OR-having a signed Release of Information.)

How do I know if ALL of your waiting lists are open to apply for?

Whenever we close a waiting list it is officially listed as a Legal Notice in the classified section of the local newspaper, and would also appear on our website. This would include the effective date of closure; and indicate a projected re-opening date, if applicable. Otherwise, upon contact, you would be advised of which lists are open to making an application.

Where are you located?

The Administration office is located off of 287 and West 37th Street (NE corner of railroad tracks, the second building in back).

Loveland Housing Authority

375 W. 37th Street, #200,

Loveland, CO 80538

Maintenance FAQ’s


How often do you go out for a bid?

Our main contracts that has continuous work such as plumbing, HVAC, landscaping and cleaning, go out for bid once every three years. Our next round of RFP’s will be Summer 2020. Contracts will begin January 1, 2021. Special Projects such as roofing, concrete work, and stripping are on an as needed basis and we will reach out to you for an estimate.

What is needed to become a part of the bidders list?

Any company that wishes to do business with Loveland Housing Authority MUST have a business license, and be fully insured. This will include Workman’s comp, Liability Insurance, and Auto insurance. If you are selected as a primary vendor you will be required to maintain your records with updated certificates once per year.


Did you know?

Maintenance has 18 properties, and 763 units to maintain. As of November 2019, the Maintenance Department has created more than 4600 work orders year to date. A Technicians lead time for regular Maintenance work orders is 7-10 business days.

What Should my work order expectations be?

Once a work order is submitted to your Resident Manager, Your Resident manager should come take a look at the issue.  Once he/she determines the issue, they will submit a work order to the Maintenance team. Please allow all non-emergency work order requests to be completed within 7-10 business days.

What is Phonevite, and how can it keep you informed?

Phonevite is an important tool we have to keep our residents informed of the need to knows! From entering your units for filter changes, to Spring clean ups, to pool parties. Phonevite allows us to give you a buzz to let you know. We have noticed some residents putting themselves on the DO-NOT-CALL list. This is NOT advised, as we are trying to gear ourselves away from paper notices.

We advise you to maintain your Phone number and your email to ensure you are receiving the proper communications as items arise.

Direct TV Vs. Dish Network Vs. Comcast on our properties

Loveland Housing Authority is dedicated to keeping our properties as neat and maintained as possible. As a result, we have partnered with two vendors one for Dish, and one for Direct TV, to ensure there is only one satellite for each property. What we ask of you: When there are issues with any of the companies, or you want to become a new customer of one of the companies to reach out to the appropriate contact. It is up to you, as a customer, as to whom you use for your television and internet provider.

        • Comcast: 1-800-934-6489
        • Dish Network: you can call Dish and they will automatically call out Eagle AV or you can call Eagle AV at 1-303-337-3474
        • Direct TV: You can call Direct TV and they will automatically call out Stellar Logic (Coast to Coast) or you can call directly to 970-685-8885.

Do you guys do Snow Removal?

When it snows, it is LHA’s #1 Priority to get out to each and every one of our 18 properties, as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the weather will depend on how fast we are able to accomplish clearing the snow at each property. We ask that both staff and residents of the Loveland Housing Authority give us at least 24 hours after it is done snowing before calling in. If after that time frame the snow has not been cleared please feel free to reach out to your resident manager with a concern, and we will get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Residents FAQ’s

Can I move before my lease is up?

Unless you are the victim of domestic violence, your landlord’s permission  is required to move before your lease is up.

What happens if I have changes in my family composition in between my annual certification?

You should contact your Housing Coordinator. You will have to complete paperwork to add or remove members of your household. Your bedroom size may increase or decrease at your next annual certification because of the changes.

Eligibility Guidelines

Applicants must meet citizenship or eligible immigration requirements, and household members 18 years of age or older must have a background free of recent violent or drug-related criminal activity. Household members may not owe money to another housing authority.

A waiting list is maintained for the Housing Choice Voucher program. The waiting list is currently closed.

General FAQ’s

What days is the office closed?

Holiday Office Closures

New Years Day (if on the weekend the office is closed on the Observed Date)


President’s Day

Memorial Day

Juneteenth (if on the weekend the office is closed on the Observed Date)

July 4 (if on the weekend the office is closed on the Observed Date)

Labor Day

Veterans Day


Day after Thanksgiving


Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)

The Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program is funded by The Office of Housing and Urban Development and is administered locally by the Housing Authority. It provides rental assistance for qualifying participants toward housing in the private rental market.

Affordable Housing

Brookstone,  Rockcrest, Meadows, Cornerstone, Silver Leaf and Maple Terrace communities are managed by Loveland Housing Authority and offer housing beyond the scope of federal programs. These rental units are located throughout Loveland and offer comfort and style along with economy.

To view property locations, income requirements, descriptions and floor plans, please visit the Loveland Housing.

Wait lists are maintained for each of these properties and they are currently open.

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