Request for proposal (RFP)

Request for proposal (RFP)

Request for Contractor Qualifications (RFQ) for Housing Quality Standard Inspections
The Loveland Housing Authority (LHA) invites statements of qualifications from contractors for Housing Quality Standard (HQS) Inspections.

The purpose of the RFQ process is to establish a short list of 4-6 contractors capable of successfully completing HQS Inspections. Contractors are invited to submit their qualifications to LHA for evaluation with the objective of being included on LHA’s preferred inspector list from which a contractor may be selected to complete initial, annual, special and quality control inspections for various housing programs, including but not limited to: housing voucher and home improvement programs administered by LHA. Properties are located throughout Larimer County.

Contract inspectors would be required to perform inspections for assigned inspections (initial, annual, or follow-up), complete all appropriate inspection documentation, and submit final complete documentation to appropriate staff.

Contract inspectors must interact with program participants, other LHA staff and landlords. Contract inspectors must show positive and professional conflict resolution abilities and skills. Communication should be effective through the use of face-to-face conflict resolution with the intent of a positive outcome for all parties. Contract inspectors are public figures for the Housing Authority and must display a professional attitude in working with participants, landlords, and LHA staff. Contract inspectors must be able to work independently with minimal interaction.

Contract inspectors must have completed HQS certification or be in the process of completing the certification, possess a thorough knowledge of current HUD federal statutes, regulations, and requirements, notices, handbooks and guides related to all aspects of HQS and should be familiar with the following only to serve as a general background for the housing inspection.
• Must be able to identify unit structure (multi-family / single family)
• Building exterior
• Interior surfaces
• Site inspection procedures
• Local housing codes
• Local building codes
• Local electrical codes
• Local fire prevention codes
• Local plumbing and heating codes
• General health and safety

Note: HUD Housing Quality Standards are not meant to be the same as local codes. Contract Inspector must be careful not to apply an overly stringent requirement that may be designed primarily for new construction.

Insurance Requirements:
Contractors must provide a certificate of insurance which includes:
a) Professional liability insurance for Services in the minimum amount of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000.00) to cover any negligent acts committed by Contractor or Contractor employees or agents.,
b) Automobile collision and liability insurance to insure Contractor while driving any motor vehicle with respect to performing Services for LHA.
c) Comprehensive general liability insurance in the minimum amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) with LHA as an additional insured.
d) Standard workers’ compensation insurance, as (and if) required by law, or applicable waiver in state where Service is performed.

Statement of Qualifications should include the following:
1. The number of inspectors available for daily scheduled inspections.
2. The number of inspectors available for as needed/on call.
3. How much notice is necessary for as needed/on-call to report to the Authority.
4. Inspection Cost
5. Professional references

Please send qualifications and inquiries to:
Deb Callies, email or by mail at: 375 W. 37th St. Suite 200; Loveland CO 80538

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