The Loveland Housing Authority (LHA) requires a wide range of goods and services in order to maintain our properties. Our procurement policy ensures that all persons and firms involved with LHA are provided fair and equitable treatment, assures that the supplies and services rendered are procured effectively and efficiently at the most favorable prices available. It also promotes quality and integrity, competition, and assures that LHA is in full compliance with applicable federal housing standards and state laws.

Vendors of LHA shall demonstrate reasonable efforts to submit each invoice or bill for goods and/or services rendered to LHA within a period of two (2) business days after the completion of work or delivery of products.

Vendors must recognize that in order to properly manage projects and maintain current and accurate financial records for operation, timely submittal of invoices is a mandatory term of doing business unless otherwise authorized by LHA. If an invoice is not submitted within sixty days of work completion, invoice will no longer be eligible for payment.

Once all required documentation has been received from your business, reviewed, and approved by LHA, your information will be placed on a “pre-approved contractor list” used by LHA to contact vendors that have been pre-approved for projects that fall under your area of expertise and which you are qualified for based on the procurement policy. The addition of your firm to our list is no guarantee of receiving bid requests.

LHA will advertise all major projects/purchases on our website and it is the responsibility of the vendor to respond to the advertisements for bid submittal.

You will not be reminded to update your certificates of insurance near, on, or after the expiration date. If your certificate has expired we will be unable to use you for future work and will delay payment for work already completed.

For additional information contact:
Cass Sosa – Maintenance Coordinator
Fax 970-667-7073
375 West 37th Street Ste. 200
Loveland, CO 80538

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Section 3 information can be found in our procurement policy (link above) and:

Approved Maintenance Wage Rates