The Edge

A 70 unit residential community, was built to provide affordable housing to working families including veterans and survivors of the 2012 Hyde Park Fire and 2013 floods. Located at the old Crystal Rapids Water Park site near East 15th Street and Boyd Lake Avenue, The Edge includes five residential buildings as well as a clubhouse, community garden and playground.

Construction concluded in December with the completion of the 10 unit apartment building dedicated to providing permanent supportive housing to homeless veterans. The program operates on the Housing First model; housing plus supports. Studies have shown that Housing First permanent supportive housing models result in long-term housing stability, improved physical and behavioral health outcomes, and reduced use of crisis services such as emergency departments, hospitals, and jails. According to a study published in March 2015 by the Journal of American Medical Association, over a 24 month period, up to 77% of participants in the study receiving housing and supports remained in stable housing.